Sinus Headache in Pregnancy

Sinus Headache in PregnancySinus Headache in Pregnancy

If you experience sinus headache in pregnancy, you need to know how to get sinus headache relief safely and quickly. Headache is one of the common discomforts during pregnancy. It may occur at any time of pregnancy, but it is more common during first and third trimesters. Sinus headache in pregnancy is thought to be caused by the progesterone hormone that makes the mucous membranes to swell. Sinus infection can also cause headache during pregnancy.

The chances of developing allergies and sinus congestion are three times more during pregnancy than normal conditions. Pregnancy makes it difficult to treat the pain, as there a lot of limitations on taking sinus headache medicine. However, you can get sinus infection headache relief by following some safe and natural remedies. Getting sinus headache in pregnancy  naturally is good for both mom and baby.

You can get sinus headache relief by following some measures

Echinacea for sinus headache

1.Echinacea for sinus headache

Echinacea is one of the effective herbs that offer the best sinus headache relief during pregnancy. It eases sinus congestion and thereby helps alleviate the pain. Though it is safe to take this herb, you should not take it for more than seven days.

Eucalyptus essential oil for sinus headache

2.Eucalyptus essential oil Efor sinus headache

Inhaling eucalyptus essential oil is one of the safest sinus headache relief home remedies. You can put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a handkerchief or tissue and sniff it as frequently as possible. This can help to clear your nasal passages. Alternatively, you can add a few drops to hot water and inhale the steam.

Flushing the nostrils with plain water

3.Flushing the nostrils with plain water

Flushing the nostrils with plain water or salt water solution can help alleviate the sinus headache by draining mucous. Sinus headache is aggravated by dry air environment. You can use a cool mist humidifier or steam vaporizer to moist the air. Breathing moist air can help you get natural sinus headache relief, without disturbing your baby.

Taking hot water shower

4.Taking hot water shower

Taking hot water shower can help to thin mucous and encourage sinus drainage. Be sure that the temperature of the water is not more than 100 degrees F. Higher temperatures could be harmful to your baby.

Drinking plenty of water

5.Drinking plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water can help reduce sinus headache. Dehydration exacerbates sinus pressure. Consuming more water helps to thin mucus. You can also drink fresh fruit juices and warm soups to hydrate you. These steps not only help you to get relief from sinus headache, but also help improve your overall health during pregnancy.

Placing warm and cold compresses

6.Placing warm and cold compresses

Placing warm and cold compresses alternatively for a few minutes is one of the safe sinus headache home remedies. You can even apply warm compress alone. Placing warm compress to the face, eyes and temples can help you get sinus headache in pregnancy.

Reducing the intake of dairy products

7.Reducing the intake of dairy products

Reducing the intake of dairy products may help you get sinus headache pain relief. However, be sure to discuss with your doctor before cutting out dairy products from your diet, as they are the valuable sources of calcium. Taking vitamin c supplement can help boost your immunity and keep sinus headaches at bay. However, it is not advisable to take more than 60mg of vitamin c in a day during pregnancy. You can even take a pregnancy multivitamin supplement that contains vitamin after consulting with your physician. Probiotic lactobacillus found in yogurt and butter milk can help enhance your immunity system and prevent sinus infections. Zinc plays a crucial role in fighting infection. Zinc is rich in fish, cashew nuts, cheese, eggs, chickpeas and whole meal bread. You can take these foods to prevent and reduce sinus headache pain.

 Complementary Therapies for Sinus Headache in Pregnancy

Acupressure is an effective method to treat sinus headache during pregnancy. In pregnancy, the changes in hormonal balance cause the mucous membranes lining the nasal passages to dry out that lead to inflammation and infection. Acupressure prevents infection and inflammation of the sinus cavities and provides relief. While taking acupressure treatment for sinus headache, the professional may advice you to avoid taking pork, cold juices, fried foods, sugary foods and rich meats.

Using pressure points can help alleviate sinus headaches. You can use the tapping methods to get sinus headache relief pressure points. You can have any of your family members or friend to help you. Ask him/her to use the pointer finger to tap the temple and slowly coming down to the cheek bone.  Tell the person to slowly reach the nose and go back to the cheek bone while tapping. Massaging gently on the temples can help ease the pressure. Get his/her help to repeat the procedure as and when needed.

Aromatherapy may help reduce sinus headaches during pregnancy. Lavender, chamomile and some essential oils can help you get good sleep. They ease your worries and relieve pregnancy discomforts. Adding a few drops of essential oil to a bowl of boiling water and breathing in the steam for a few minutes can help drain your sinuses and provide sinus headache relief in pregnancy.

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