Sinus Cancer

sinus cancersinus cancer

Sinus cancer is malignancy of the sinus cavity. It is a very rare cancer; and occurs in the bones surrounding the sinus cavity or the membrane that lines the cavity.

The sinus is a cavity located behind the face which releases mucus to humidify the lining of the nose and the air that is inhaled.

Symptoms of Sinus Cancer

The following are the commonest clinical features of sinus cancer:

• Facial swelling and pain

• Headache

• Pain in the nose, cheek bones

• Swelling around the eyes

• Speech changes

• Constantly blocked sinuses

• Pain in the upper teeth

• Constant nosebleed

• Numbness of the cheek and nose

• Numbness of the upper lip

• Loose upper teeth

• Heaviness of the face

• Blurred vision

• Bleeding of upper teeth

• Reduced / impaired hearing

Diagnosing Sinus Cancer

• The doctor conducts a physical examination of the nose, face, and neck. He will look for growths, clinical signs and will examines the lymph glands in the neck.

• X-ray of the neck, face and chest needs to be taken, to view the sinuses clearly.

• Nasoscopy also helps make a diagnosis. A nasoscope is put in to the nose. It helps view, and assess the sinuses better; and also has a tool to collect tissue samples, for biopsy.

Treatment of Sinus Cancer

The earlier the condition is diagnosed, the better is the prognosis. Treatment largely depends up on the type of cancer, the stage of the cancer, its spread, the patient’s age and his health status.

Normally, the treatment regimen comprises of: surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. The doctor will carry out surgery to excise tumor growths fro the cavity. In case of big growths, radio-chemotherapy may be done in order to shrink the tumor size; and then surgery is resorted to. Chemotherapy drugs are a part of the treatment plan for sinus cancer. The drugs are administered to the patient either orally or intravenously. The drugs travel via the blood and annihilate the tumor cells. Also radiation therapy is integrated in to the program to manage sinus cancer effectively. The tumor is exposed to high powered X-ray beams that destroy the cancer cells and thus prevent a spread and recurrences.

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