Getting to the source of the sinusitis problem

sinusitis problemSource of the sinusitis problem

Interestingly enough, people suffering from chronic sinusitis or some form of sinusitis such as Rhinitis have increased worldwide particularly in the most developed countries.

This is despite advancement in forms of surgery and medications and worse still, the problem seems to be steadily increasing in the last decade

This maybe happening largely because medical experts are concentrating on clearing bacterial infections and providing temporary relief through prescribing pills and sprays and not getting to the root of the problem, the underlying causes, which if not treated, render medications, surgery etc ineffective.

One of the reasons why our sinuses fail is because of our mucociliar system decides not do its job and packs it in or should I say attempts to do its job. Others are vasomotor (non-allergic) Rhinitis, and mould allergy. These major reasons are behind people not being able to breathe through their noses and having to breathe only through their mouths and it’s these reasons why chronic sinusitis is so hard to cure.

Below is a brief explanation of these reasons:

The Mucociliary system when failing accounts for a major percentage of chronic sinusitis problems. When this system or mechanism is not working the way it should, foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses and other unwanted infectious agents enter into our system and cause havoc, also little microbes of pollen can cause terrible reactions. Since all these allergens are ever present in the air we breathe, we need this system or mechanism working constantly to do its job to the full and to provide a lasting remedy.

The Mucociliary defense is a wonderful mechanism and is based on sinus membranes which have two special types of cells. These most intelligent cells create flowing mucus covering which covers over the inner walls of the nose and sinuses. Antiseptic enzymes are part of this process which immobilize or kill microbes

When this natural defense and cleaning system breaks down for some reason, the gates of the sinuses are exposed to many airborne invaders.

Sinus problems ensure when the Mucociliary system breaks down or is impaired for some time. Also problems do not only include infections. If your Mucociliary system is down for any prolonged period of time you may develop chronic nasal congestion and allergies due to constant inflammation.

With such a condition occurring, aid from outside sources will not provide you with lasting relief because allergens and microbes are ever present in the air.

Let it be said that some sufferers never benefit from medications and surgery because their Mucociliary system will not efficiently work to cope with airborne allergens and microbes.

Sadly you cannot always take medicines like decongestants and sprays. Even if you wanted to, you could never find a medicine that would flush out the newest virus from making you sick. Thus, it is essential you have your Mucociliary system working properly. Unfortunately, however, common medical practice seldom cares about it. It’s ironic that continuous use of oral antihistamines and decongestants actually impede the Mucociliary system in the long run causing you to be dependent on drugs

Vasomotor rhinitis: is a condition that affects the nerves which keeps nasal passage blocked for no reason. The prolonged obstruction or sinus airways pave the way to sinus infections.

Vasomotor rhinitis is not a rare disease, in fact experts at the Mayo clinic in Minnesota claim that Vasomotor Rhinitis claims around 17 million people in the U.S.- both children and adults.

Vasomotor Rhinitis accounts for nearly half of the cases so it should be looked at as an extremely significant disease which must be looked at but rarely is. It’s a known fact that Vasomotor Rhinitis cannot be treated with drugs, so drug companies and franchises refuse to fund a study on Vasomotor Rhinitis. Well meaning scientists who want to look into it or study it simply cannot find the funds.

Another reason they cannot share their knowledge is because no conference or symposium on Vasomotor Rhinitis treatments are organized or arranged since its treatment makes no money. Consequently, most physicians have not even heard about this important health condition.

The good news is that Russian doctors were quite well informed about it and have been treating it since the 1960s and their treatment is based on specific breathing exercises and biofeedback exercises which can be done at home or your office.

Fungal allergy: Just like our Mucociliary system, modern medicine is not really focused on the underlying causes of Chronic Sinusitis sufferers by fungi. No antifungal spray is going to be a real solution. Even if the spray were to clear the fungi and their spores from our sinuses, it would only be temporary at best because fungi and its spores are ever present and are always ready to invade our nasal passages and wreak havoc. Chronic sinusitis is not a disease that can be cured by clearing an existing infection. Some physicians say the best thing is to de-sensitize the body towards airborne fungi. This would be the best approach because it means eliminating or at least reducing the sensitivity.

It’s a real shame that physicians in general are not focused on the hidden and underlying causes of sinusitis. Therefore, optimism is not great when it comes to a real cure for chronic sinusitis unless a united and drastic change takes place in the near future

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