Acute Sinusitis Treatment in Home

Acute Sinusitis TreatmentAcute Sinusitis Treatment

Acute sinusitis is considered a sinus infection or irritation lasting no longer than 4 weeks. I have put together a small list of acute sinusitis treatments for you. Most of them are straightforward and some are actual techniques you can use.

Acute sinusitis can be treated with the following remedies; I am going to recap quickly on them.

Quick Remedies: Now of course some of these remedies only work as a temporary and quick treatment. They sure do help stuffiness, irritation and inflammation very well though. (Except tissues; tissues suck)

Techniques: This is a tricky one, everyone is different when it comes to massaging techniques. I am going to list for you two techniques, (one for congestion and one for sinus pressure/headaches), that I found helpful.

 Technique for Sinus Pressure/Headaches:

So first off, for this technique, you are going to need to find an indention where your ear connects to your face. It is on top of the ear and you will feel a slight indent.

Step 1: Hold your fingers at the indention point and apply a subtle amount of pressure. Do this for 30 seconds or so to relax your body.

Step 2: Slowly apply a slight pressure while someone, (or you), rub in small circles around the point of indentation. Do this for 30 seconds or so; after the thirty seconds, return to step one.

You will essentially repeat this technique until your sinus pressure is relieved. The time needed for relief really depends on the sinus pressure build-up and the severity of the headache or migraine. Now for congestion, my worst enemy.

Technique for Sinus Congestion:

My sinus congestion can get pretty bad and irritating at times. I find the saline rinse to be best at relieving this but when I don’t have access, I can always use this technique. Heres how you can perform this.

Perform the below routine 3 times

Step 1: Massage ten times on the cavity at the corner of the nostril openings (at the end of your nose). You will nearly close and open the nostrils when you perform the round massaging movement.

Step 2:Massage ten times on the cavity just below the corner of the eyes near the nose-bridge.

Step 3: Massage ten times on the cavity just below the ear, right behind your earlobe. Then, massage your earlobe 10 times in a circular movement.

After you successfully perform the above steps three times, you should feel residual, if not immediate relief of your nasal congestion and stuffiness. It’s advised to re-perform the steps again in around ten or so minutes to prolong the effects or the congestion can possibly return to haunt you once again.

Quick Tip: The massaging motion you use should be performed in circular and slightly pressured movements.

Also, do this massage with very slight pressure! Nothing should induce any pain whatsoever, don’t blame me for hurting yourself if you poke your eye or something crazy like that!

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